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Our Inventory of Used Cars Provides You with Excellent Choices

Buying a used car can save you money. There are many choices in Wareham for you to choose from when making your selection. At Wareham Ford, we have a wide variety of used cars available for your selection. Here are vehicles that you may find in Wareham, so come by and test drive one today.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a mid-level sedan that offers you great value for the money. It handles well on the road in Cape Cod and has excellent gas mileage. It's ranked well and is a great newer used car. It's one of the most reliable used cars today.

Toyota 4Runner

This is the best choice for an SUV. It is a truck with off-road abilities. It's reliable in Taunton and is a solid choice for a used car. The 2020 version has most of the latest security features sought after in an SUV. You'll be safe on and off-road and can haul most things as well.

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is an excellent pick for a reliable van. It's roomy enough for everyone driving through Wareham and offers great reliability. The engine is powerful enough to handle the whole family inside and tons of cargo in the back. The ride is smooth, and the safety features with its five-star safety rating.

Chevy Traverse

This is another great choice for an SUV. It is a more upscale SUV for families that need a powerful SUV. Its off-road abilities aren't as good as the 4Runner Toyota, but the luxurious ride and roomy interior rivals it pretty well. The powerful engine can haul somewhat better than the Toyota 4Runner as well.

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We also have GMC and the Ram line of vehicles ready for you to test drive when you visit us in Wareham today