New Ford Edge SUVs in Wareham, MA

The 2021 Ford Edge Is Refreshed & Focused

The 2021 Ford Edge doesn't need an introduction. This particular vehicle has reached class-act status among other new Fords thanks to being so popular with many demographics. Automobile consumers in Cape Cod will enjoy having access to advanced technology, high-performance engine components, and comfortable upholstery. The 2021 Ford Edge is very likable, thanks to its quirky design. Five people can sit in its cabin with ease, and the interior ergonomics are on point. Buyers can opt from multiple trims, including the SE, SEL, ST-Line, Titanium, and ST.

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Driving this mid-size SUV is a blast by all means. Forced induction has been incorporated into the powertrains as well as direct injection. This means that you'll get an immediate response when stepping on the gas. EcoBoost technology is another performance feature, which does a great job of conserving fuel. The available 2.7-liter, twin-turbocharged engine will produce as much as 335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque. There's also a 250-horsepower engine that will come with four cylinders. Good road agility is available, especially if you select the ST trim. Launch control is available for the ST trim. Auto Start/Stop technology is also on board to conserve fuel.


The exterior of the 2021 Ford Edge looks aggressively from the front to the rear. This mid-size SUV has striking contours that have given the body more charisma. These contours are deep and exaggerated to enhance the vehicle's overall look. The body's aerodynamic shape looks menacing from a side view, and its rear wing protrudes outward at the rear. Bold LEDs are present, as well as a well-sculpted hood.


Preventing accidents while commuting in and around New Bedford is the goal. This SUV has many preventive safety components. Radar-based sensors are used to scan the roadways for danger. If a hazard is detected, then the driver will get an alert. Buyers can expect a five-star safety rating, Lane Keeping Assist, and Blind Spot Monitoring.

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